Our surroundings are those things around us that we see on a daily basis to the point that perhaps we don’t see them at all. These buildings, roads, street corners, trees, landscapes and skies are part of our everyday existence and can easily become mundane. However, the artist sees the same objects as abstract shapes, interesting designs, and exciting color and contrast when the sunlight strikes just right. Through the artist’s portrayal, the viewer develops an heightened awareness of the beauty and complexities of his “surroundings”.  -Betty Anglin Smith



Lemon Light

48×30 oil/canvas

Betty Anglin Smith


Arcadia #42

24×26 oil/panel

Mark Daniel Nelson



First Friday Art Walk attendees admire the showcased body of work during the opening reception of “Surroundings”.






Jennifer Smith Rogers enjoys discussing our surroundings with art admirers.





Betty Anglin Smith explains the story behind her inspiration for the exhibit.


“Surroundings” will be hanging through Friday, May 20.

Come by to enjoy the artists’ interpretation of our surroundings.


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Charleston, SC 29401

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