I have been employed here since 2003 and a lot has happened since then . . .

Over the years The Smiths and I have celebrated marriages, welcomed new babies and unfortunately mourned the loss of loved ones. In the gallery we have greeted new artists and new employees. Books have been published, awards have been won, workshops have been taught, some prices have increased, brushwork has changed and palettes have morphed.
You will always find quality work and extraordinary color here – that stays the same.

Often times people ask me who my favorite Smith is! I can’t answer that -that is like asking me to choose between my Mother or my Father. The Smiths are certainly like family to me and have dubbed me their quadruplet -for which I am honored.


I hope you are all surrounded by family, love, laughter and art this Holiday Season.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces currently in the gallery in no particular order!

Any one of them would make a fabulous gift for your loved one. . .



Counter Current by Betty Anglin Smith-  40×46


Passages by Shannon Smith Hughes-  24×30


A Quiet Moment by Darrell Davis- 15×23


Corner at Wenworth  by Jennifer Smith Rogers-  24×30


Boneyard by Tripp Smith-  21×65


Creeks and Clouds, II by Betty Anglin Smith-  36×48


Italian Village by Kim English-  15×16


Seafood Spread by Colin Page-  48×36


Dancer at Rest #3  by Carl Plansky- 23×19