June 2 - 16, 2017

Botanical Abstracts

Betty Anglin Smith has been creating art in Charleston for more than 40 years and has managed her family owned art gallery on Queen Street-- for more than 16 years. Her new exhibition of abstract art is just the latest iteration of her monumental talent and willingness to evolve and reinvent her style. Sophisticated, vibrant, layered, and yes, Abstract are only a few descriptive adjectives used to characterize her contemporary art. Best known for her vivid marsh skies, waters, grasses and trees, she has adapted her creative talents to fill large canvas’ with a myriad of brush strokes, colors and contours which evoke a mood and express an energy—all conveyed through her unique palette and design. Her mediums have changed from watercolor to oil, and her style has evolved from colorist landscape to abstract, but her work remains unmistakably identifiable. In this exhibit of botanical abstracts, Smith has redirected her focus from the Tidal series of glowing, swirling fluid imagery to a more organic expression. Floral Dispersion depicts a swaying field of yellow flowers. The organic shapes are suggestive but not definitive. Perhaps a little more defined are the waving lush reeds and the reflective water. Other subjects loosely abstracted include a forest, oak trees and several species of flowers. The end result is an explosion of color and energy conveying deep emotion for our natural environment. There will be an opening reception on Friday, June 2, from 5 – 8pm.