September 1 - 15, 2017

Fall Invitational

The Smith family of artists have invited a talented group of fledgling and established artists to join them at the gallery for a Fall Invitational. Opening with a reception on September 1st; from 5:00pm to 8:00pm and the show will run through September 15th. In discovering new artists, Betty has been especially attracted to the talents of these five local and national artists and has invited them to exhibit in our Fall Invitational. Stephen Chesley, an artist living in Columbia, SC, has been inspired by the iconic artists Edward Hopper and Paul Gauguin to name a few. His somber palette evokes deep emotion. Scott Conary was raised in Wyeth country and graduated from RISD in 1993. He creates oil paintings of everyday objects and places with which we have complicated and often ambiguous relationships. He now lives and works in Oregon. Lori Putnum’s art is a personal response to her subjects and she focuses on patterns, rhythms, and color harmonies found naturally in our surroundings. She has been recognized and awarded for her art by many leading societies and groups including the American Impressionist Society. Frances Roosevelt paints on Sullivan’s Island when she isn’t painting at her home in Pennsylvania. Unique light on the shore and marshes fill her canvas’ with pleasing compositions and colors. David Shevlino is always morphing and adapting his art. After many years of experimenting, Shevlino began exploring a looser paint application which straddles the line between representational painting and abstraction. This "in between" area is where the painter feels most comfortable and best able to express his artistic voice.