April 4 - 18, 2014

Air, Land and Sea by Betty Anglin Smith

Anglin Smith Fine Art presents a selection of new paintings by artist Betty Anglin Smith in an exhibition entitled Air, Land & Sea. Forever inspired by the beauty of the Lowcountry she calls home, Smith has found her muse in nature. "'Air, Land and Sea' are the basic elements that provide the environment that sustains our life on Earth," says Smith. "Without any one of these elements, life would not exist as we know it." For Smith, painting plays an important role in preservation. "As citizens of this Earth, it is our sacred duty to protect and preserve this environment both for us and for our future generations," she says. "My commitment as a landscape artist is to put color to canvas to express and interpret the beauty and value of our air, land and sea. Not only are these elements our lifeblood, they are the substance of nature that inspires and awes us in all their unique power and beauty."